The Future Of Paint

Future Of Paint

I’ve been a house painter for 32 years now. So I started soon after they got rid of lead based paint because it is toxic to people. So I can’t speak to it advantages or disadvantages of these products that long passed but I can elaborate on what I can see will be the future of painting houses.  Already solvent based paints are going away like the lead based paint before it. One of the primary reasons is to help our environment. Eco-friendly paint is very popular.

The future of paint, what we’re getting are new products that are both waterborne and durable. But there are still applications I can’t stop using oil based for! The first one that comes to mind is primer. Oil based primers are still needed to cover up crayons, ink & water stains. The scrubability of oil enamel is still hard to beat. And surely one day they will be gone the way of the dinosaurs. Waterborne enamels and epoxies & primers will take their place. Most solvents will be legislated out of use for the painting trade state by state. California has been the first one to illegalize use of solvents, specifically the different counties regulate what you are allowed to use more so than in ay other states yet. How many painters are ready to give up petroleum based products entirely yet? Not me.

So what is the upside to the demise of these environmentally unfriendly, toxic paints that we have counted on for so long? I think the advantages will be the new abilities and choices that we will have with the superior paints that technology is constantly creating and some of the tech is being marketed to us already.

– Imagine if you could paint a working light switch directly onto your wall, without any need for sockets or cables. A group of students from the Royal College of Art in London has made that possible by creating electrically conductive paint. The paint acts as a form of liquid wiring. Unlike conventional wires, it can be applied to almost any surface, including paper, plastic, metal and fabric.

– A more practical and relevant product to us right now is Benjamin Moore Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd paint. It has the application & performance properties of conventional oil paint in a low-VOC waterborne alkyd formula, great for use as a wall trim paint. Benjamin Moore’s new tinting system and Gen X line of products are great.

These are just a couple of examples of how the paint of the future will be able to not only enhance the looks of your house, but also enhance the functionality of it. At this time what is arguably one of the the most practical applications of new paint products are paints for the exterior of your house. DPS Dynamic Painting Systems and I are happy to get on board with some exterior products guaranteed for the life of your house. If companies as reputable as Ben Moore & Sherwin Williams stand behind these products I am willing to guarantee my labor on some of these jobs indefinitely along with the paint that is guaranteed. Paint such as Benjamin Moore Aura. Now I don’t think the manufacturers have actually made paint which lasts a lifetime. Obviously the manufacturers think it will last long enough that few people will have repaint because of material failures. So it is a brave new painting world in which people and painters like myself are consistently interested and impressed by the future of house painting and the non toxic products which are performing increasingly well under harsh conditions.

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