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Fine Finishes Spraying For Painting Contractors In The Field

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Fine Finishes

An alternative to using the airless for all your spraying needs is an HVLP fine finishes sprayer. Painting contractors are likely to be the ones to benefit from this fine finish technology because to have the right setup it takes some money, but more importantly you need experience to be able to get the desired results because of the diversity of machines, and the settings on each gun is different and you need to know how to adjust air, material & fan to achieve perfection. But once you do have this ability it is a great way to paint many things with factory-like results.

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I have tried to get a setup for fine finishes that will spray just about any coating quckly and perfectly. The ability to spray trim easily and avoid brush marks is definitely something professional painting contractors can use to sell their work. But the right rig can be elusive.The turbine is essential because that is the heart of your HVLP spraying capabilities. The one I just acquired is 4 stage, which is capable of pushing thicker paint like latex without having to thin too much thereby negating the fine finish look you are going for. It can also swith to using just 2 of the stages when spraying solvent based products so overspray is lessened. It does not matter that you have bought a gun marked HVLP if you do not have the right turbine. High

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Volume Low Pressure(HVLP) is specifically for less overspray. If you are hooking up a HVLP gun to a conventional air compressor it is not HVLP. The wider hose on a turbine sends more volume of air with less pressure. That in turn lessens overspray and increases the transfer efficiency rate. (Bigger number the better because it means that is how much of the paint that you are spraying is attaching to the surface you are spraying, and not bouncing off!)

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HVLP Fine Finish Spraying For Painting Contractors