Finding The Right Employees


Finding The Right Employees

A subject near and dear to my heart is the ongoing search finding the right employees for the elusive employee with a work ethic. There are certainly as many reasons someone does not fit correctly with the company as there are applicants. In fact I think someone is still making a list of reasons and constantly updating it and uploading it for perspective employees to use for reasons it won’t work out.

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Finding the right employees painting in Port Orange

After working for myself and with myself for the better part of my life it seemed to be that it should be just as easy finding the right employees/ painters that like to work at least as much as myself but to my dismay it seems this elusive employee who will always do what he says he/ she is going to do is an endangered species.

Comically, come on! There arent any people who actually ‘like’ to work anymore? There is no finding the right employees?

Seriously, this is a problem that can easily make or break a business and for my dime my money is on break after trying to find any responsible help that cares at least half as much as I do about my business. I had an opportunity about ten years ago to go from my one man business to running a business with employees to make the business model a successful one.

There are about as many reasons for this as people you ask, but I didn’t think I had to make 50.00hr to be paid what you’re worth, like most career painters. No matter how little they actually know about what it truly takes to run a legal, profitable business. The ‘opportunity’ I had was when the internet, my experience and work ethic became stronger than my will to evade responsibility. When all the work I’d put into what started out as my one page website turned into a 200 page website that was ranked toward the top of the rankings of searches made by perspective customers.

And this came at the time when after the housing market crashed no one including myself had ANY work for an extended period. It made me finally in a position to show many more people how good my painting skills really were. And if it took going the extra mile then I would go the extra ten miles. Even jobs that I do from time to time that can actually cost me money to do have worth in word of mouth advertising. Nothing works better than just having a happy customer when I leave.

This worked so well I could hire 6, or 12 people to paint with all the work that was out there. Well the point is after close to ten years of trying to find good help I have concluded that it is easier and more profitable to do the work myself. And in my case two others that do actually want to work with me towards the same end. As much as anyone is in this for the money I’d say look elsewhere for that job. But if you love the work itself, and I do so much more than running a business, then you can be very proud of what you’ve learned over the years, And sleep well at night without a handful of ambien.