Painting Kitchen Countertops

Painting Kitchen Countertop’s

So you are considering painting kitchen countertops? occasionally I have customers that would love to freshen up their kitchen without a full on remodel. So I thought it would be informational to blog it to someone that might be interested in my opinion.

Fine Finished Kitchen countertops

the old days of my painting lifetime painting many surfaces was difficult because if the countertop is of the harder, smoother type it should be a little more difficult than say ” a picnic table ” to paint. Well it doesn’t need to be in the difficult or impossible category if you follow the formula for good painting that you already know.

Kitchen Counterops and Chalkboard Paint

Kitchen Countertops inspiration and ideas

Of course two important factors, preparation, and product. You can clean it down to “the bone” and have it fail miserably if you don’t use the right product on it.

So you want to paint a kitchen countertop?

Primer: now in the old days of my painting career kitchen countertops it would be harder to find anything to stick to the hard, sometimes glossy countertops at your local paint store or even Home Depot or Lowes. But that is what has changed because the chemists of the painting industry have gotten very good at making high performance products, such as the one needed for this application. I use the most expensive primer I can find ( money is usually an indicator of quality) XIM sells a waterborne primer I know as the black label that I think is my dream primer. It should pass the scratch test used on a well prepped- cleaned piece of glass. Or tile or any other very hard surface.

Once you’ve applied the primer, and know that it is gripping hard by putting it to the scratch test, then all you have to do is think of colors or finish you want and can choose from. Wood will different from Formica as to what you can and can’t do and how it will look.

I buy paint made for cabinets, but it is also good to know why it is good. It’s good because it attaches strongly and it is harder and more durable. These are the areas that you need not only think about function but form. So that could mean a lot of choices you stil have to put a fine finish on a countertop. You have the go to choice of colors from the fan deck, or you can think of an unlimited amount of faux painting ideas. Now I am not an artist really. Although a great painter.

And if faux painting is for you then I suggest you get some information about the possibilities from countless informational sites. Then get ready to experiment a bit. On a similar surface try out an area to make sure that’s what you like. Or maybe a spot that isn’t front and center if you end up changing it. Again there are many different possibilities that can only be something that you and your expert, I believe you are the expert when it comes to a little artistry. It’s a really subjective subject. Although you may pay a professional to apply it it is still your vision.

No matter which finish you want you might also want to put a clear coat on top for even more function, and form.