Hurricane Repairs, Remodeling & Painting Daytona Beach Area

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Hurricane repairs

Hurricane Repairs & Remodeling

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While I’m sitting here in Daytona Beach, watching the Cat 4 hurricane go by I started to think about what hurricane repairs will be needed in the aftermath of Matthew. We’re pretty sure our  painting crew is not going to be your primary concern. But our remodeling crew will still have a lot to do to help get things back to normal.

At DPS Painting & Remodeling there are lots of repairs we’re qualified to do. Roofers and tree trimmers are going be the first service providers needed. Getting electricity back is the first thing we need. But after you get those things taken care of, and everybody is safe. you’re going to need to get the house back to normal.  And we can help with just about everything you need to fix.

From drywall repair and floor replacement, even demolition. From framing to hanging and finishing drywall, externals and stucco repair will all come before painting. And the boarding up we did will all need to come back down.

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After the hurricane

And then you might start to think about hurricane and repairs, and painting. Of course house painters are going to be the ones to make all of that repair work look like new again. So we are anticipating a lot of work to get all back to normal. So I’m putting out the word we can help with many parts of the rehab work. Since our goal is to help people and stay busy working, we aren’t the type of business to raise prices like so many contractors are going to do. As a matter of fact since we are looking at the long term picture with the business we want clients that feel like we can be trusted for many years to come for hurricane repairs and painting it back to like new shape