Customers who are not happy?

Customers who are not happy

JJ Justin Chris at Mrs Rays - Customers who are not happy?

JJ Justin & Chris at Mrs Rays, a happy customer

When establishing relationships with new clients, set expectations for how job will go. This should include details about your timeline, cost & hours you;re available to respond to your client. Go over expectations of Customers who are not happy for the client’s availability in terms of what you’ll need for decision-making. And of course, it’s important to explain how any changes late in the project would affect the project’s deadline or price.

Without happy customers you are not going to have much of a business. Especially a business where customer service and word of mouth are so important that without them you are not going to have a business! I have gone to great lengths including sometimes working at a loss of money so that I can still have a happy customer who is likely to recommend us and call us back for future work. And that is more important in the long run than the money it costs. Of course that doesn’t help pay bills this week. But happy customers make a business thrive and even if you own your own business you are not ever the boss. You are always working for someone else! And it is important to remember so as looking for a new job every week is not something I look forward to doing, every week.

A lot of the time, what seems like an unreasonable expectation is only a lack of understanding about the process because the client hasn’t remodeled or hired a pro before, or hasn’t done so for a decade or more. “It’s the job of a contractor or architect or whoever to educate a customer as to what a reasonable expectation is,”