Spot the fake reviews faster than ever

Spot the fake reviews faster than ever

A) If you can, have several people flag the review in question. There is power in numbers and it’s possible it may help increase awareness and ideally action.

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Reviews are one of the most stringent ways to decide on a service provider these days. Good/ Bad Reviews can make or break some businesses so just like lots of new technology, there are people out there who want to use this service unethically to foster personal grudges. So what can be done to make sure “fake” reviews don’t affect someone’s judgement or a business? Diligence business owners can monitor their business web presence and deal with each fake review individually. Sometimes it’s easy to get Google to remove obviously fake reviews, but sometimes it might be harder to judge whether a review is accurate. Respond to fake reviews just like you would a negative review {not the same thing)

Contact the website the fake review is left on. Usually sites have a lot of oversight and concern for the review process. This can help out right away if fake review is conflicted or motivated by other reasons and anyone wanting to use this tool unethically


Updated steps to reporting a review to Google:
  1. Go to Google Business Support Page.
  2. Select: Photos, reviews, or business summaries.
  3. Select: Inappropriate review.
  4. Select: Phone support or Email.
  5. Fill in Form.
  6. Submit.