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1. Spackling Compound Patching small holes in drywall, plaster or wood that you want to paint the material of choice for most painters is spackling compound. Small holes, such as the ones left when you take a picture hanger out of the wall. Spackle may shrink slightly in larger holes although they make much spackling non-shrink products that don’t require a second application. Excess material can be removed with a light sanding.

3. Dry-mix fillers Dry-mix fillers have a number of uses around the house. They can be used to fill holes in drywall, plaster, wood , etc. These usually dry very hard and aren’t always easy to sand down so I am very particular about when this is right product for surface or application.

4. Epoxy There are epoxies on the market made for filling holes, fasteners and other types of patch and repair work. Some of these work when applied under water and usually dries very hard. There are 1 and 2 part epoxies they have two components, a resin and a hardener, Liquid epoxies are great for cracks in concrete and some types of masonry.

5. Drywall Mud Or Joint Compound This is the most commonly used product used to finish & repair drywall. Used in new construction and residential & commercial repair applications. This is what we use a lot of!


 Pre-Mixed Joint Compound is used for finishing drywall, and hand applying some types of texturing. It is also ideal for skim coating gypsum repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry that is not subject to moisture. The compound offers easy workability and delivers excellent slip and bond and good crack resistance. It provides great bonding properties that is retained even under humid job conditions.

  • Pre-mixed
  • Approximate 24 hour drying time
  • Use for repairing small cracks in drywall and plaster surfaces or laminating gypsum panels

All of these fillers  can be found at home centers, hardware stores, lumberyards and other building material retailers. Or by your painting contractor. Find stores in Daytona Beach area below

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