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Discovering The Newest House Painting Trends

The newest house painting trends are varied and this is good news. You will have many choices for your home exterior and interior and still be trendy. Here is a look at some of this year’s paint selections for the home.

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painting trends

Earth tones are warm and inviting. They serve to relax and refresh the “inner being” They also provide a comfortable and secure living environment. When you use earth tones you are providing a neutral color area. This is good because you can add many different colors of furnishings.

When you think of earth tones you may wish to use many different shades of white and gray. You also may wish to use a warm shade of olive and perhaps a light shade of blue. When you shop for colors you will find a large selection of colors and your local paint store can be a big help. They will be happy to discuss shades and will even mix custom colors for you.

Eclectic is also popular this year and you will find colors like light shades of grey and chalky white. You also will see warm and inviting reds and medium brown shades. These colors are perfect for the person that has a variety of styles in the room.

Eclectic is an excellent choice as it allows complete freedom of design. You also will save a lot of money as you can buy items that are on sale and they will still fit in.

The sensible look is popular as it affords a modern look. Yet, it still provides soft colors like light cream and off white. This look allows you to have the front wall one color, and the other walls the color of your choice.

The spicy look is a theme with eye appeal and with the right blend of colors, furnishings in the room will stand out. You will work with energizing colors like pewter, persimmon, and amethyst. These hues are soft and yet bold at the same time. They allow you with a great deal of variety in your room design and decor.

If you want a southern sophisticated look try a misty green body with white trim. You can use a solid classic brown front door. Another southern look combines a flax color body with white trim, and dark green front door.

If you are interested in the newest house painting trends there are many exciting colors and combinations to check out. Warm and inviting tones are in this year and you can see what your room or exterior will be like, with an online color viewer. They are easy to use and let you “test paint” without buying or actual painting.

Painting Technology


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Not like conventional formulas, the Color Stories palette doesn’t use black and gray tint. Instead, more pigments anywhere between 5 & 7 are used for each color (traditional methods generally utilize three pigments). These colors have greater clarity and purity, and are richer and more vibrant.

This new palette is available in Aura® Interior Paint.Because Color Stories hues are achieved with many pigments, each prescription is very complex and requires paint with a formulation that can easily support the increased pigments.

Aura applies easily with excellent flow and leveling for a smoother, premium finished look. And it dries fast, allowing you to apply a second coat on the same day to save you time and money.

Now you have something truly unique to offer your most color conscious customers. With our exclusive pigments, base technology, and formulations, it’s impossible to match our colors. We challenge anyone to try.

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