Painting for Fun

Sometimes people just like painting for fun.

Sometimes people just like painting for fun. I’m going to make a page that lists some ways to just have a good time being creative. Maybe you want a new look for, but your funds are low. if you’re there, I thought it would be fun to look at creative painting. Some are on the wild end of the spectrum so these ideas may not be right for every one or every room. I’d probably use these ideas so that you don’t get overloaded, but there are definitely some great ideas.

Interior Faux

Creative Painting

Personal Painting

Striped Walls – Make a statement by painting patterns and stripes on your walls. A little bit of math, knowing how to tape and a few tricks will help you be creative.

Syringes – filled with paint, these tools can make some very personal painting tools. Might want to make sure you have the rest of the room dropped off well. Or not!

Sponging – One of the most popular techniques for achieving a very professional look without much practice or trying. It usually involves using natural sponges and dabbing what is a seamlessly random pattern, but creating faux effect with as any colors you like. Another technique using sponges is called reverse sponging it is applying the paint with a roller or brush and then removing parts of it with the sponge. There are no limits as to what is possible except for your imagination.

Ragging – Ragging is a lot like sponging but using a rag or rags. Actually you can find others methods of application with garbage bags and different types of fabric.

Faux Painting – this covers a wide variety of effects created on your walls that are usually done best by an experienced faux painter. Some require almost no practice like sponging and ragging, and some of these require some artistic ability. But everybody had a different level of artistic ability don’t they?

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walls that are painted to look like marble. This look, if done right, can be done by an intermediate skill level artistic painter. And gives the walls the look of a very high end building.

Murals – I think this requires the skills of an artist. An experienced painter. But there’s no limit to the ideas here that can be portrayed.

Fun painting with kids. – Kids are always going to give you some perspective and motivation for coming up the most personal designs you might be able to achieve. There are certainly no official rules for creative painting. Of course the term itself implies subjectivity! So buy a few different colors or better yet get some from your neighbors and did you know you can go to your local landfill and get paint as well as drop off? Just spattering paint all over, or within a picture frame can really draw some attention, to a price of art or to an insight into you! It’s going to reflect some truly individual traits or likes from yourself, if you do it right!