Professional Residental House Painters

When you’re considering interior and exterior residential house painting, you should have a list of things that specifically you need to consider! Outside, of course, the paint you choose is going to be exposed to the elements of weathering. These elements can be rain, ice & snow, wind and the sun. If you live in a humid climate you will need to consider this when choosing the right product for your particular application while considering your geography as well. Interiors can work just as well inside and be less expensive than exterior paint.

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Exterior Painting

Exterior paint will come with UV (Ultraviolet) ray protection and mildecide among many other additives which will affect the duration of your paint job, and how long it will take for it to fail. One of the most common factors among comparable paints from different manufacturers. Usually the price can be used to determine quality. The better the quality, the better the paint. But make sure you are comparing ‘apples to apples’ so to speak and you are looking at the right product for your job. Some advice is going to be a very important part of your decision usually and you should talk to 1-2 people/ salespersons for an accurate assessment of your house painting needs.

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Daytona Beach Interior House Painting

Interiors are not exposed to their elements and so interior paint is usually less expensive and can last much longer inside than exterior paints outside will. Some important factors might be if you have children or guests often might be the washability of the paint. Although flat paint would probably need to be touched up with the original paint to get rid of many kinds of marks, a satin or an eggshell finish can be wiped down to eliminate these marks often. A semi-gloss latex enamel is even more durable, and has a glossier finish. Semi gloss paint is usually used on woodwork and areas you wish to highlight because of its sheen. And because it is glossy it will show more imperfections than flat paint. If taken care of, interior paint can last indefinitely if taken care of.  

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