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 How long after you paint your room can you sleep in it?

All paints contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs can worsen asthma attacks, cause respiratory problems, eye irritation, nausea, or dizziness. Because of health concerns, paint manufacturers have been using low or no VOC paint for many years now since the days of oil-based, and then lead based paint was known to have many adverse effects on occupants or applicators.

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Are estimates free?

One of the first questions and answers always. We have never charged under any circumstances to look at your project and provide detailed paperwork outlining scope of work and cost

How do I choose the best products for my house painting job?

With all due regard, you don’t choose! the question and answers the homeowner or customer has the qualified service provider is almost always the one who inform. Different painters will differ wildly about which is the best paint/ materials for your project. I would a little research it a little too just get a consensus. When you trust your painter you should generally be able to trust that he uses correct materials.

How do I properly check insurance and licensing for my contractor?

You should always require to see updated information attesting to company’s standing with local and state requirements. Often this information is posted online and you can request insurance certificates to be emailed of confirmed by insurer both before the job and when it’s finished in order to determine if it lapsed while work was being performed, causing liability issues if it is not maintained throughout the whole job.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Major credit cards & checks made out to the business, not the individual are the most common way to pay. But cash and some other transfer may be offered on jobs that require a modification of payment.

How much is the initial deposit? Draws, and final balance collected?

When you have decided to schedule your project we usually sign a contract or the estimate to establish conditions of payment, a deposit of 33% is usually the standard amount to reserve a spot on our calendar. If it is a large job the a draw may be required to insure payroll and operating money be availanle commensurate always with amount of work done.

What enviromental concerns are there regarding application?

Products can be applied when temperatures are as low as 35º F. Surface and air temperatures must be on or above 35º F and conditions during and after painting need be considered. Temperatures above 35º F are needed early in the paint’s drying schedule. The first 4-48 hours could be critical to successful drying.

 What can i do to prepare for my home painting project before my painter arrives? 

– Remove any family treasurers or breakable items, wall hangings, TV sets etc.  entirely from the room.
Since we become responsible when working around anything that is fragile or expensive we would rather homeowner remove these items. Heavy furnishings are better left to the guys doing the painting who often can make it easier.
Any excess items laying around the area needing paint would be better suited to homeowner moving and keeping track of these things..

Are primers always needed when repainting? 

If you are repainting a similar color, you can lightly scuff sand to remove the gloss and clean the surface. Once that is completed, you can simply repaint over the existing latex coating. More than one coat may be needed for uniformity.Please note that switching sheens or drastic color changes may require a primer to minimize the amount of topcoats used.

What are the advantages of flat and lower sheen paints?

Flat provides even light reflection and give the surface a softer, more uniform look.They don’t highlight surface imperfections like higher sheen paints, so they usually don’t require as much surface preparation (like patching, texturing or sanding) prior to painting.They are much less likely to show “lap marks”. When one painted section dries before the next section is painted, the two sections won’t flow together into a uniform film, resulting in a “lap mark.” They don’t need to be sanded or de-glossed as much before repainting, unlike higher sheen paints.

Satin sheens should be more durable than flat and make cleaning surfaces easier than flat paint. And they will highlight your walls and make for a better appearance with a little bit of shine but not a lot.

Can I get an idea of what different colors might look like on my home?

Ask for digitally enhanced color photos using colors you choose from a palette, this gives you some perspective of how your house might look after its done with having to put paint on the walls. Before and after photos are a good way to keep a record of the way your home looked and looked like.

(Digital colors do not look exactly what they will look like when applied to walls. These tools are used to give an indication of where you want to start when you are picking colors)

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