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I continue learning about new products and techniques used in house painting. There are scores of online classes to take and I talk frequently with representatives from all the major paint manufacturers to maximize my exposure to the science of painting. This is easily seen in the painting process by using the things we have learned.


What is Varnish –

Varnish is a general name, like “paint”, for a transparent, protective finish or film mostly used on wood. Traditional Varnishes contained a resin, a drying oil, and a solvent.

The finish is usually shiny but can be modified by adding flatting agents or by rubbing the hardened varnish with abrasives. Varnish is transparent, but often has a yellowish tone. Traditional varnishes tend to get a golden hue over time, this is much prized by boat owners. Varnish often has no pigment added although some varnishes will have a small amount of stain to make the colour more golden. When wood is to be finished so that it has a different colour or much deeper shade, a stain is used first. The varnish is then applied to provide protection and waterproofing.

Epoxy is sensitive to Ultra Violet degradation and needs to be protected from the sun. That’s why epoxy is varnished or painted.

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