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Looking for a Daytona Beach house painter who is really proud of what he does?A craftsman who is still very happy to get up to go to work (almost) everyday!
“Nothing is more satisfying than a well built reputation”
Here is some information about me, my team and my house painting procedures that you might be interested in if you’re looking for Daytona Beach house painters. Professional residential house painting & contracting, and attention to the details is the type of work that is expected by my customers, and the work that I do best.


As a lifetime painter I can get set in my ways, I did everything the way ‘I’ thought was best and I was pretty successful, until the the housing crash when I did more sitting around than ever. I spent that time managing my website and honing my professionality. When my website was ranked by Google it led to many more leads from people seeking a professional lifetime local house painter. So when I started getting jobs again, I really valued those jobs more than ever. I learned more about the value I place on the house painting, and the value the homeowners are looking for. With the emphasis on customer service. It is this shift in what was most important to me professionally, my renewed work ethic shifted from what I wanted to what my customers wanted.

I do expert work, take more time, and generally appreciate my job and the customer more. Nowadays I make the time and bid the job to make sure it’s perfect, according to both me and my homeowners. No longer was I concerned with being lowest bidder necessarily, and having to finish quickly. It was all about taking the time to make the job right, its being professional & customers are going to give us good reviews and repeat & referraI work. And was about my career & and long term customer retention more than it was about one house or one job.

I was caring more about making sure my work was exceptional, and the customer service even better. I cared about customer service exceptionally and long term working relationships more than the profit margin. Now I am doing almost exclusively the upscale residential repainting I love to do, and working for the people that appreciate it most. The niche market of custom upscale & high end painting.

Painting a house & running a business are two distinct abilities.

I try to balance the two now more than ever in my life. Being a responsible business owner is decidedly the hardest part of the two. And to be a hands on painter and leader is the payoff I get from being running a professional painting business.

Being at the top of my painting game has always been important to me. Upscale residential painting makes a good fit for what I like to do and what I am good at. That’s not a coincidence. I immediately ask questions about WHY we do what we do. And having made mistakes was the best teacher. Usually learning the hard way means you aren’t going to make that mistake again.!

I continue learning and keeping up to date on the newest technologies in house painting and the internet has made all of that learning so much easier, Online classes, forums and painting organizations are part of the continued education. Being connected to a vast amount of information electronically and being connected to my customers with the latest tech in phones and apps is in an invaluable way to provide value! Good professional painting & responsible customer service include communication and record keeping.

Daytona Beach H
Daytona Beach House Painters

If you look for DPS ‘Dynamic Painting Systems’ on Google search (and any other search engines) you can read scores of reviews for us, 40 on Google alone. Videos of what I do, and thousands of pictures

There is also a page to see & leave reviews on other websites as well as mine, like the BBB and Angies List I’d like to talk to you about free advice and estimating.

I always have recent references that you can talk to, homes that you can look at, work that we have done and work we are doing presently. This list is constantly updated & cross-referenced for jobs that are similar to yours. My goal & mission statement is to understand your house painting needs and objectives. I will ask questions and listen to your answers. I will be concerned with and will address your situation. Most homeowners do not often paint their house or remodel so you can’t always be certain which house painters are the most competent and professional tradesmen for the job. And there are scores of fly-by-night house painting operations that are concerned only with getting paid.

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