Free Painting Advice & Help

Free Painting Advice & Help

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Here at DPS Dynamic Painting Systems I offer free painting advice & help to do my part to pay it forward. After almost 35 years of busting my butt, I am in a position to give some back, to pay it forward so to speak! I’ve always thought of myself to be someone who considers the needs of the other people to being a part of living a full life. Sometimes that is admittedly easier to say than to practice, I know! But nevertheless I do find people with all kinds of needs and wants I can help with the experience I’ve gotten in the painting/ remodeling industry.

For some years now I have thought about making that part of what we do here at DPS Painting. My thoughts are that we can have people get in touch with us who know of something that needs fixed or else it will be too late! Something might be rotting out because of a painting issue, or a non-painting issue. Just off the top of my head I can think of examples of doors not being painted at the top or bottom of the door because its inconvenient or harder to do and/ or easier to get away with!

Functionality is what I’d be looking for. Things that will get worse, wood that will continue to rot and continue to get worse and more expensive to fix if its not taken care of. Looking for people who can’t afford it, maybe something that has been pointed out by code enforcement and might incur fines for people who are already stretched financially and just a little knowledge or assistance would make an impact for the better.

Of course we can’t get everything or everybody so I am forming an interface that would allow me to start a process to find the people who need some help most so if this is something that interests you I encourage you to fill out a form that lets me know what you know! Of yourself or someone else who can use the sort of help I am best prepared to give using the knowledge that we here at DPS have collectively spent many years learning.

Running the business of painting 150x150 - Free Painting Advice & HelpFollow this link to email a special folder I have set up to look over these stories I might have be able to help with.

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