Engineered Flooring, Ceramic Tile and Other Choices

DPS Dynamic Painting Systems proudly offers professional floors installed by skilled tradesmen who do this not as subcontractors, but rather paid employees of the company. Several years ago, when it was difficult to find work, some professional tradesmen who have performed specific services such as floors came together to share what work we had at the time. It wasn’t long after that we emerged as a company that not only could paint the most upscale of homes but also do other things such as flooring.

When upgrading the flooring choices you have in your home consideration must first be given to what under the floor. The sub floor is your first concern and the most important part of installing whatever your choice is because it needs to sit on a solid surface and one that is not going to be moving around for many years, We spend more time filling cracks and using membranes to account for some slippage. Making sure your subfloor is thick enough and attached to the foundation in a way that will last as far into the future as possible. Once you have a sturdy subfloor you can set wood or tile without future failure comfortably even as you treat it roughly at times especially with heavy use.

There are two main types of flooring we are completely skilled at.

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ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic tile and porcelain tiles have always been a beautiful and durable floors to have. The designs and patterns are limited only y your imagination and, when installed correctly will last a lifetime.



Engineered floors have become very popular as sq ft materials costs are down and quality is up due to modern production methods that can have a wide variety properties and advantages that are appealing to different customers who have different needs.

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