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Drywall is one way to cover things inside walls. You can use drywall replacing cracked and plastered walls without technical expertise needed to smoothly cover a wall with plaster.

Do it yourself Drywall

Drywall mud is recommended for hanging drywall on your walls. Check with your painting contractor for the materials required in your locality.

Hanging drywall is does not require a lot of technical skill. In fact, a good skimming can hide a lot of mistakes, but you should take care and take your time. After hanging a couple boards, you’ll be able to quicken the pace. Two people are often required to hang drywall.

Hanging drywall goes through three steps.

First, check the area for obstructions which would prevent you from hanging the drywall. cut holes for outlets, etc. Finally, drywall the walls.
We are capable of drywall repair, hanging, finishing it smooth or with texture of varying sorts. Orange Peel effect is common and hides many flaws. Knockdown is contemporary and good – looking option. We popcorn ceilings, and remove popcorn ceilings.

Drywall Finishing


Finished drywall is often “Textured” either for sound deadening or most times, to simply hide an imperfect taping job.
First we will discuss the different types of textures.

Popcorn– This is a heavy texture normally used on ceilings for helping to deaden sound, it also is the worlds best dust and dirt collector, will hide even the worst of taping jobs and is very difficult to paint. Popcorn ceilings, a cure-all for drywall contractors… a nightmare for homeowners.

If you are one of the unfortunate owners of a home with popcorn ceilings sooner or later you are going to be faced with the task of either removing the texture or painting it. Both are a pain in the neck and hopefully we can make it a little easier.

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Even if you are not sure if yours does or does not it is wise when removing popcorn to wear a respirator, eye protection and cover exposed skin.
Popcorn is made up of primarily chalk, a little clay and an aggregate. This becomes a soft gooey mess when wet and removing is a very messy operation. Painting too is messy but once it is painted, repainting in the future is not very troublesome.


Orange Peel or Splatter– These range from small “blobs” of splatter to an overall fine spray much like the texture of an orange peel. One common texture applied to rough walls is an orange-peel finish. You can create this texture by spraying watered-down joint compound through an airless paint sprayer.

However, you must add just the right proportion of water, and mastering the spraying technique takes lots of practice. An orange-peel finish can also be applied by hand using a paint roller. If the roller produces the texture you want, allow it to dry as is. However, you may have trouble getting a good orange-peel effect using this approach, especially on inside corners (though this can be achieved with practice and patience).

If this is the case, try knocking down the half-dry surface. This usually improves the appearance of this texture, making it more consistent with an orange-peel look.

These are just a few of the options you can choose from when you are deciding on a style of texture


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Got a hole to patch?Whatever the material in whatever the location, you can rest assured that there is patching material designed specifically for that use. The trick is knowing which filler works best for which application.

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