Driveways and Decks Coatings Systems

Driveways and Decks Coatings Systems

When you are considering painting your concrete driveway decks, patio floors, driveways and decks painting applications you will be considering a greatly different application than with walls & ceilings. There is a need for more durability for obvious reasons. People will be walking on, furniture & greatest your cars will need to stand up to these coatings. First off all getting the paint or stain to stick is your first consideration, and then it will have to resist any degradation from all this traffic

How To Remove Oil Stains From Concrete

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Deck Painting

Garage Floors & Driveways will be given the biggest tests of longevity and adhesion. For this application xylene or solvent based coatings used to be your only option. But these days waterborne products and epoxies are capable of withstanding the rigors of this harsh treatment as well in many or most cases. If you are painting over a previously painted surface that you will be driving on such as your driveway and garage special considerations need to be taken to insure a long lasting application. For the proper preparation and painting system you will need to consult a professional painters because of the wide range of problems and fixes. And rest assured different painters will have different answers so it is not hard these days to get several opinions about what is right both from the professionals and from the information you can glean about the subject on the internet. It is still not generally an advised DIY project because of the learning curve for failure but some are easy while others are very difficult.An epoxy garage floor coating is not paint.  Paint for garage floors is latex acrylic.  Some paints will have a small part of epoxy in the mix to make it more durable than  paint, but it’s still paint.  These are known as epoxy paints or 1-part epoxy paint.



Pool Decks

Riverside Pool Deck

Some things to consider for pool decks and back porches are durability and being wet for much of the time. You need a coatings system to keep the deck from retaining water and molding. Usually this can consist of a waterproofing penetrating sealer and the proper product for these applications. Durability is required but slipperiness becomes a concern for the family when playing around the pool. You can add some sand or texture to mitigate the slippery effects of paint.

Wood Decks

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Wooden Deck

Of course wood is also a different prep and paint system than concrete or pavers. The right products, those recommended by your trusted paint store or supplier, are the second things to consider. Preparing the wood surface for a good wood deck stain makes all the difference. To be able to paint between the slats and have a stain product rather than a paint product will probably lengthen the life of the wood, your paint job and the deck as a whole. You want a material that can shrink and grow with the wood itself to avoid failure especially in our climate.