Residential Painting Contractor in Daytona Beach

      Residential Painting Contractor in Daytona Beach

  IMG 4118 300x225 - Residential Painting Contractor in Daytona Beach I would like to introduce myself. I am Jeffrey J. Whitmer Sr. of DPS Dynamic Painting Systems. You can phone me at 386-214-5329. My website is // where you can find many details about a residential painting contractor in Daytona Beach and exactly what we can do working closely with my customers and keeping their expectations at the forefront of our scope of work. In addition to painting, repairs are part of my job. Big or small. We do drywall repair, wood & stucco daily and the like that goes along with the painting to make the job whole. One contractor to coordinate with. Also we have commercial pressure cleaning equipment, the hardware accessories and a variety of cleaning solutions to be used together as a system to easily handle cleaning easily. Screen enclosures driveways etc. no matter the size.

                I have a couple of small crews of tradesmen most of whom have worked with me for many years. These are employees, not subcontractors, with a their lifetime of experience to contribute to your project. The majority of our work is upscale residences, and we have to be the best at what we do to keep working in exclusive communities and remain competitive (quality & price) as well as being capable of doing more with economically budgeted projects, still with the same upscale mindset.  I am as customer oriented as anyone, anywhere in this business including the handful company’s locally that are as qualified and professional as me and my crews. I live and work to try to insure the customers experience with their project is a great one. I do my job towards the end that they are happy and then I’m happy. The good reviews and word of mouth keeps me working even in tough times.  It’s a win-win,

I price my work so that I don’t need shortcuts or have to rush to make our wages. Painting, and my painting business is what I love what I do, I do look forward to getting up (almost) each morning before the break of day and running a successful business, – after 31 years and right here in the Daytona Beach & Port Orange area where I grew up. What you need done is what we do everyday. You can speak to speak to my present and past customers. Look at our work and read many reviews of ours all over the internet, Google,Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and many more listings if you want look that far.

Just type “DPS Dynamic Painting Systems” into Google, by far the leading search engine for relevancy results. But any search will work. There you will find results for us as far back as 40 pages last time checked


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If you are looking for the highly elusive dependable, consummately professional Daytona Beach residential painting contractor I think I can prove to you that I am worthy of your trust. Your trust in doing the improvements to your most treasured possession, your home. I have been doing it for 31 years, and I think I have become one of the few, the best choices you can make for house painting & remodeling. I would be happy to show you how if only you would like to call 386-214-5329, or email me at [email protected] for an introduction.

Thank you, Jeffrey J. Whitmer Sr. – Owner of DPS Dynamic Painting Systems

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I happen to be a painter who has always loved technology too

…and these days it just great that it can make me better at what I painting houses. The business end of painting is something that I usually enjoy as much as actually doing the painting. The transfer of information, the fact that it has enabled me to take painting to a new level with the assistance of the laptop computer and smart phones, Communication faster and better than ever before. For example, my latest service is to, for free, make a unique web site that my customers can use to share with their family and friends all about their projects. Including pictures, videos, a journal & message board to name some of the features here to keep all the details in a unique place for which only you and I have the password to, unless you want to share with family & friends Especially for my out-of-towners who would like to be able to check on progress. At the end of the job you can take all the pictures that have been uploaded and make a profession al quality video slideshow to view and share with friends and family.