Residential Exterior House Painters

Residential Exterior House Painters Daytona Beach & Port Orange

Special consideration is needed when painting the exterior of your residence

Because you are not painting just for beauty. In addition to the aesthetics you need to consider the weather too, because the weather makes your paint fail and damages your homes. The good news is these days you have some pretty great choices of paint that is made to last for a long period of time under the damaging conditions of weather, in this case a tropical climate, the temperature fluctuations, the extreme heat & humidity of the summer conditions that last most of the year here in Central Florida. In the past you might have considered yourself lucky to get a warranty against exterior paint failure for 2-3 years. Nowadays we can guarantee quality paint to last for 20 years plus.

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Residential Exterior House Painters

These Residential Exterior House Painters say the first thing you need to consider is how much money you want to invest in your paint job, and how long you want it to last. You can go with a quality professional paint product from Benjamin Moore and expect to get 20 years or more under the right conditions. When it is prepped correctly when its painted, and care is taken to keep it mildew & dirt free (I pressure clean all my exteriors yearly) With a bonding sealer and two coats you can usually expect 15 years or more before paint is expected to start to fail. But for the people who want the best paint job possible will have to use the best paint possible. While that narrows down your choices, many people find that investing additional money to get the top of the line Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams products is worth it if you expect to have your home for a long time. Several of these products are guaranteed to last the life of your home.

Residential Exterior House Painters Daytona Beach & Port Orange  serving locally 36 years and still like my job!

After you have chosen what the best product for residential exterior house painting in Daytona & Port Orange FL. Your particular needs there is still a lot of special consideration to how the surfaces are prepared to paint. Most times some caulking & patching is needed, or some wood repair, or drywall repair for interiors. There are still many other steps that can and should be taken if you want this paint job to last. High or low pressure cleaning? Chemicals used to help in cleaning the right surfaces the right way and a penetrating sealer, bonding conditioner applied. These days backed by modern chemistry, specialty paints that are very durable to weather, or traffic .

Exterior painting is a little tougher than interior because of course you have the wether to stand up to. Exterior painting products are usually a little more expensive because the functionality is so much more important. They have mildecides, and UV protection among other things to make it resilient to all the stresses that come with weather.

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