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Wondering What A House Painting System Consists Of?

A house painting system is not just the paint you have, or just preparation. Of course when you put all of these things together they would be just parts of the overall system that is optimal for your particular house painting application. What I’m trying to say is that it takes someone who is not just familiar with, but an expert in putting all of these things together. Primer and paint, knowledge of the surfaces to be painted, knowledge of the products and the preparation of these surfaces for paint are used in tandem to provide an optimal painting systems for your particular needs.

House Painting SystemsThe dictionary says Synergy is- the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.

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Painting Systems

The idea is that there are different systems that work best together for whatever results that you are looking for. An example is a system for exterior painting. What I find is that the majority of new houses in this area are being stuccoed, and in the majority of those new houses, particularly prior to the housing crisis these houses were being built quickly, and in many cases cheaply. So for this type of application I would recognize that the paint is failing after an inordinately short time. Sometimes just 2-3 years! So the painting system I would recommend starts with cleaning the surface, the stucco with a powerful pressure cleaning setup.


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The Commercial Pressure Cleaning System I use for most of my pressure cleaning needs consists of a 4200psi unit. But you can’t just assume that that information alone is enough to determine that it is the best pressure cleaning system you can use. I would tell you that my in addition to my machine putting out 4200 pounds per square inch of pressure, that it’s using 4 gallons of water in one minute. This makes for a significantly stronger washer than anything less! But this does not even fully make up the right system for this part of the job. In addition to having the special accessories to help along the pressure cleaning process, you must consider what types of solutions and/ or chemicals are going to best clean your house and not do any damage to either the structure, or the surrounding landscape. Chlorine or Oxygen Bleach is used frequently in the cleaning process and this has to be applied in the right dilution to do the best job.

When it comes to preparing the surface after the cleaning process you will usually have caulking or patching to be fixed. What kind of caulking compound will be the best for your job? We find that many times a 50 year caulk, or an elastomeric caulk or sealant is best for the climate here in Florida. With these products they have an elasticity with which to stand up to the unusually hot months and the contrasting months that are cool or cold. They give and take with the expanding and contracting the weather causes to the surface being painted. In this particular house painting system we are going to ‘condition’ the masonry surface, the stucco, with a penetrating sealer. A product specifically designed by various paint manufacturers to prepare the stucco to bond properly the topcoat to be applied. Benjamin Moore’s Clear Masonry Conditioner is my sealer of choice. Sherwin William’s Loxon Conditioners are also very good. These conditioners are also of great help when painting over new or ‘green’ stucco. The pH needs to be balanced in order to accept the paint without the paint failing in any one of a number of ways.

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Finally we are applying the topcoats. Picking the right product for your topcoat is going to determine the longevity of your residential exterior painting job! Personally I have not had to look far for the best product I can buy and for me that is Benjamin Moore although there are other good products. Specifically for exterior 100% acrylic topcoats I like their Mooregard paint. Along with Aura they are touted as the best of the best for this application.



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