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DPS house painters in Daytona Beach & Port Orange for 35 years now!

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Interior House Painters

“We place a little more importance on our clients needs, professionally, than ours.”

  When painting,  exterior and interior we always are keeping up to date with the latest products and applications. We use new materials technology  and add it to old school know-how and skills for the best possible application of the newest products.

There are fly-by-night house painters and painting businesses who are offering the lowest price in order to get the job, get paid and move on to their next victim, uh, customer. lol

I distinguish myself from the rest of the painting contractors simply by loving what I do more than most. It’s not” just a job”. I chose painting houses as my career and have never looked back for 32+ years! I look forward to getting up and doing my job MOST of days of the year. lol Year after year.

I’m happy when I work closely with my customers to achieve greatness with your painting and remodeling projects. Forming a long-term working relationship is with you is my goal and at the end of day makes for a great day, week or job for both me and you. (again, most days!) It makes me happy to have clients happy. So going the extra mile is the standard I have set. And ethical, diligent work and a great attitude toward my work is the most beneficial kind of work for you and me. And that same work ethic is instilled in both me, and my painters collectively because I am the one who hand picks them and then I work with them to the same end. Doing things the way that I learned to do things best.The painting business provides some job security for me when we can assume referrals and repeat work from homeowners and other businesses.. In fact, it is what has been keeping us busy year round, even when economy is as important as quality. And that is my vested interest in making your project a fulfillment of your vision! Or to just ‘paint your house’, whichever you’re looking for! lol – Jeffrey

Because I promise to provide my services to the best of my ability. And I think my ability exceeds many other painting companies who might also say the same, and not do it. I am able to write out a list as long as you’d like of all types of custom, and upscale homes we have painted. Recent work, past and current jobs and customers are always going to be available for you to look at and talk with to help insure your trust in us.

I always ask “What are we going to do to give us the best possible results?“. I’ve found the answers to this question to be the ‘trick’ if we want the job! And then we focus on keeping a long-term working relationship with all of our customers for a long time.

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Jeffrey, Port Orange FL House Painter

House Painters

Me, and my house painters have specialized our skills to provide a professional house painting experience doing work for homeowners who are looking for the most professional painting contractors available for jobs both big and smalI. I have taken every bit of the 32 yrs of experience I have worked for, especially the mistakes, to put together a house painting business for when the utmost professionalism is required.

Whether it is an interior or exterior job, there are steps that need to be taken, in order, to get the results that make it stand out among others. For this there are the different parts of the job that work together as systems for the planning, the execution & finalization of each job. And then, especially the long standing working relationship that’s established with our customers.


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