House Painters in Port Orange

House Painters in Port Orange 

WE ARE Tradesmen whom stand out among the best

What makes us different than other house painters?

We have been Painting here and Daytona Beach for meticulous homeowners for my entire adult life. A summertime job after high school turned quickly into a job, then a business and a career. I still look forward to & love getting up in the morning to do my job! I love House Painters in Port Orange. I admit the business is the more stressful part, and I still love the skill of house painting, and it shows when you see me smile and sing along with the radio while I’m painting. I have been at this a long time. 36 Years in June 2020

What makes us different?

What is it we do differently as house painters that customers will find that I do better that other residential house painting companies? Well in some cases, NOTHING!

Live Our Values

Our values are our compass for actions and how we describe how we act in the world.

You’d be naïve if you were to believe that I can, as a service provider and a painting company, do something that nobody else can do. There is nothing that I do that certain other competent, attentive and dedicated painters cannot do. I have spent the better part of my lifetime learning from painters like that. I’ve spent a lot of time asking why we do the things we do. 

Why is it we use particular products, methods of preparation or a specific pattern of applying it?  Also the painters that do NOT paint well and DON’T know how to run a professional business have taught me what NOT to do! And then there is 32 years of making my share of mistakes that add to the list of things I know not to do! I guess that what I am doing is taking all of the best qualities of other great painters and the things I have learned not to do and put them all together to be at least as good as any other painters you will find anywhere. I have seen that certain types of painters make a great fit for certain types of homeowners and customers.

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House painters in Port Orange

Daytona Beach Painters Determined To Do The Highest Quality House Painting

That is why I have picked this particular niche market. I sell my services to particular people with particular needs. Meticulous people and people who expect the best, the most professional job from the beginning until the end. From estimating, performing the work to cleaning up the job.  And if I were to try to define what people want that DPS Dynamic Painting does.

I would tell you I think they are looking for a house painters who are going to be the consummate professionals. I do not usually try to be the cheapest painter you can find. Because the people I am looking for to sell my services to and take the time & use the materials required to do the very best work we can do. The first experience you should have with me is seeing a nicely dressed and attentive painting business owner/ manager & master painter who will ask the right questions and give you the right answers. What I don’t know I’m eager to learn, all the time keeping up to date with the latest trends and newest technologies. You are going to get a professional estimate with detailed specifications for the products used and application procedures.

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While you are looking for a Painters In Port Orange, I suggest you type “DPS Dynamic Painting Systems” into Google search, as well as any additional house painting contractors.

This is going to give you a better overall idea of Painters In Port Orange in the community, and my longevity in the business. I can find references to my business on every page for dozens of pages of search results! Check out our reviews. Especially on Google, the authority on relevancy of rankings.

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DPS House Painting Port Orange

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We have been painting quality homes for a long time, and most of the things we do best are things we learned from figuring out what not to do the hard way. By making mistakes we knew we did not want to make again. I look not for “jobs” but I am looking for customers. Customers will call you back, efer us and maintain long term working relationships for the rest of my career.






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