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When you think about painting, you don’t usually think tech.

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Personal Color Viewer

      For years I have been curious about how I can integrate house painting, technology & computer services These days digital devices and computing together with the internet work together seamlessly.

Benjamin Personal Color Viewer 1 150x150 - Digital Painting Technology

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

It can provide many conveniences that house painters had not ever dreamed about even 10 years ago! The introduction of email, text messaging and digital photography have improved the communication abilities of business owners and customers for every business, and it is only natural that painters have caught up!


API Magazine – Embrace Technology

I can communicate with out-of-town customers often almost as easily as if they were living right here. I can do walk through inspections with homeowners far away. Streaming video & digital photography can take you through the site virtually. We can text message, and that is one of the most valuable tools I have in my communications with you, the customer. We can take pictures and update you in real time from any part of the job to insure things are being done exactly in accordance with the wishes of our clients. Matching colors to showcasing projects are made easier with these capabilities

One of the services I have started is posting pictures, and keeping a daily journal, and I can make a video from your pictures to share with friends and/ or family. I can give you a login code for you to access the information for reference. Or you can decide to make the site viewable or editable by people you choose tool. I love this one service especially for communicating with my out of town customers.

I just downloaded a mobile app for my iphone that enables my phone’s camera to be a color selector/ matcher. While matching colors with digital displays are not 100% accurate, it can help you narrow down your choices from there.

Advance Paint

I think one of the most valuable digital technologically enhanced painting services I own is called Benjamin Moore Color Capture, and can be downloaded to your phone from your app store and be a great start to finding the perfect color. Color Capture is the new Benjamin Moore color app for iPhones and Androids. It captures colors by taking a picture with your smart phone among other feature. Any inspirational color on anything works – fabric, a car color, the blue of someone’s shirt, etc. Benjamin Moore can match it to one of its 3,300 paint colors. You can even save your favorites for color coordination and comparison. One of the best parts is that the app utilizes the iPhone’s GPS to locate the nearest Benjamin Moore store to where the customer is at the time.

Chart House

You can enlarge saved favorites to your iPhone’s screen size to view it more easily. You may also view the full color spectrum wheel; this expands and contracts when you use your finger to focus on a color. You can also translate this into a Benjamin Moore color and save it for future use. For Android, you also can capture colors that inspire you by taking a picture, finding their matching Benjamin Moore colors, save your favorites and tag them, access the full color spectrum wheel, and find a nearby Benjamin Moore retailer

Exterior Lifetime Warranty

      Finally, know that this is a fantastic tool to get you started with color ideas for your home, but you should always test real paint colors on your walls – don’t go solely by what color pickers say. Be sure to view the real paint colors at different times of the day, in different lighting, so that you can get the full effect of how your room will look after its new paint job.

That and the virtual fan deck can view and download are great tools. I also have a little less technical system for choosing colors based on questions that you can ask yourself.

Here are several examples:

before and after1 256x300 - Digital Painting Technology

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