DPS House Painters in Port Orange FL

DPS House Painters In Port Orange FL

How to Handle Unrealistic Client Expectations

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I’ve been living here in Port Orange since Dunlawton Ave was a dirt road.

If you live here you know that is now the main road in this city. I’ve lived here since then. But I have been painting as  DPS House Painters In Port Orange FL my entire adult life too 36 years now making customers & friends here.



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Me & Mr Thompson Port Orange Exterior Painting

I acquired my first occupational licence from the City Of Port Orange before the end of my first year painting houses. I named it  DPS House Painters in Port Orange FL. I started learning from ‘old school’ painters, And that was exactly what was needed or me to start to enjoy my trade, my painting career. 35 years later I am still painting peoples houses here in Port Orange area.

I have found that customer service can be used to define what makes a professional painter. My job is making my customers happy with their projects. That’s all that’s needed to continue to be successful after so many years in the business here.. The consistency of good service. When asked, my answers are in large part “yes I can do that for you correctly.”

There are things I still learn everyday, learning about the latest products, technology and application methods for painting not only houses but everything that’s attached, and detached from them. I have extensive commercial experience although the residential repainting is the part of the business I think I excel at. High end and upscale work is the most gratifying, I think, at the end when the customer and myself can walk around looking closely at what been done, and how it’s been done.Being at the top of my game is very important important to me. House painting made a good fit for me. I immediately ask questions about WHY we do what we do. Also making mistakes was the best teacher. Usually the hard way means you aren’t going to make that mistake again.! This is information about the beginning of my career. the years in between then and now. And where it is expected to go from here. I constantly search out and learn about the latest innovations & trends online. Other than organic search answers for very specific issues there are more structured learning courses through MOOC’s & youtube,

Being connected to a vast amount of information electronically and being connected to my customers with the latest tech in phones and apps is in an invaluable way to provide good – professional & responsible customer service including communication and record keeping.

The contractors living within an area know the people. They know the vendors and they know what is being done in houses right down the street. The advantages of hiring long time local contractors has benefits.

To learn more about doing business in Port Orange at //www.port-orange.org/businesses/

If you’re looking for a Professional House Painter or Professional House Painting Contractor in the Port Orange or Daytona Beach FL area. Licensed and Insured: Florida State, LLC # L07000061421 Contact Jeffrey Whitmer by email jwhitmer@jjwpainting.com or phone (386) 214-5329