Benjamin Moore Paint Company

Benjamin Moore Paint Company is definitively leading in painting materials and coatings industry beautifying and protecting residences.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Company  began in 1883 when Benjamin Moore and his brother Robert opened Moore Brothers in Brooklyn New York. They started with $2,000 and one product, Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish.

Their portfolio of premium & high  products now make the right product for most house painting.Benjamin Moore, Insl-x, Coronado, Corotech, Maxum, and Lenmar.  They can offer products for every job, making it easier for contractors to get the products they need from one place.

They manufacture propietary resins and zero VOC Gennex colorants, which allow us to create products that are low-VOC and zero-VOC, even after tinting.  Gennex colorants are also resin-rich, so they fortify the paint and allow the tinted product to maintain its original viscosity.  Resulting in paint tinted with these colorants are easier to apply and deliver a more durable, washable coating.

Today, Benjamin Moore Paint Company continues to be the front of innovation with commitment to research & development unrivaled in the coatings industry.  I have used their paint since I started painting because the fella that taught me. Actually a couple of painters used it and after 32 years now.

I can say that not only is the fact that they are on top of the chemistry of paint and coatings the fact that I have used them so much I know what to expect with that paint probably more so than other paint that are of similar quality. The fact that I have handled the paint means I know how it is going to combine with other materials and surfaces. It is possible for me to run into minor issues when using other paints because of the reason that each paint has its own properties.