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Ponce Inlet Exterior Painting





Lifetime Guarantee

Provided by paint manufacturer when proper preparation & appliction procedures are used and Benjamin Moore Regal Select or Aura top of the line materials are used. In some cases a Benjamin Moore representative oversees the job, usually to meet the customer and get to know them and exactly how you like things done! All of my painting work can be tailored or customized  to each customers specific or special needs. And the yearly maintence included with the 20 year maintenance plan means you have a painter to speak with and help you constantly!


Yearly Pressure Cleaning & Inspection when you buy a complete exterior painting job.

Out 7-8 years ago I started to think about the extent of service I could give to my customers and help the business grow if I was able to go back periodically and help to maintain my work. I started including with he exterior painting jobs a promise, or program to return, yearly, and clean the house, pressure wash but with enohpressure to remove he dirt and cobwebs, that accumulate during a years weather and use.

And that naturally grew to include a plan to inspect my work regularly to make sure it is holding up like it is supposed to. And if it isn’t it’s the perfect time to figure out why, fix it and make sure I am learning over long periods  time that may not come up for years after the initial work. By returning in that set amount of time if there are some touch ups or repairs that need to be done we can address them before they become major issues or bigger problems. I monitor my painting jobs for years and learn things most painters would not  even know about.

This also serves the purpose of my past customers being able to always remember me and find me when they need something else done. Or when they know someone who needs not just any  painter. A professional who cares about his work. Nurtures his reputation.

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