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Best Of Best - Services at DPSWe provide a wide range of repairs we have learned profesionally in te course of 35 years.. I tell my customers we can do just about anything except for structural work. I have one guy that has been doing high end drywall and trim carpentry for his entire adult life. Ted & Curtis could straighten and level anything and his striving for perfection is unsurpassed.. As long as I have been painting. I would not try to say I do anything that is not something I can do and be sure that we can do it as professionally as any other professional service provider. We have torn down and rebuilt walls, drywall hanging, finishing & texturing. We can do framing and trim carpentry and many other things for homeowners that we have had experience with.  Even are successful at hiring plumbers and electricians. Two things I won’t do myself!!

    • Baseboard installation
    • Chair rail installation
    • Bead board & Wainscoting
    • Pool Deck & Driveway Coatings
    • Epoxy Coatings
    • Pressure Washing
    • If you’re looking for a Professional House Painter or Professional House Painting Contractor in the Port Orange or Daytona Beach FL area, look no further. Licensed and Insured: Florida State, LLC # L07000061421 Contact Jeffrey Whitmer by email or phone (386) 214-5329
    • 5 Home Repairs You Really Should Know How to Do Yourself

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      Applying caulk is simple enough that anyone can do it. See more home construction pictures.

      Owning a home will be a dream come true, but world of home ownership is more than relaxing weekends on deck, intimate and evenings in front of the fireplace. It requires keeping your man cave or she shed running smoothly. Making occasional repairs, and even if you aren’t a dedicated do-it-yourselfet, there are a few around-the-house fixes you should become familiar with.

      Few things will sour a homeowner’s disposition faster than a stopped up toilet or runaway faucet drip, and that’s just bathroom and kitchen stuff.

      Roll up sleeves take a few minutes to master five home repairs you can do yourself,. Even though spending a few hours regularly on DIY home maintenance and repairs may never become your hobby of choice, knowing how to perform a few simple fixes will keep your costs down and help get the work done on your schedule instead of your contractor’s

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