Remodeling Services

Remodeling Services

In addition to painting we also perform other aspects of remodeling. We don’t subcontract work out. We have full time employees whose experience is with rebuilding & repair. Expert flooring installers and drywall contracting.And the list is growing all the time as we learn new things and hire new people! There are countless other ways we can help with smaller problems that arise with other services, other contractors and mother nature. Renovation, Water and Smoke damage are a specialty for our problem solving crew. Odor problems? We use a variety of products that serve as vapor barriers.Texturing– We handle all our own texturing needs. From Orange Peel & Knock Down effects, pop corning ceilings and doing pool decks before painting we can give you many choices in style and pattern.Ceramic Tile – Our own crews that do basic ceramic tile floors, walls and counter tops. Inside or out.

Flooring– Many styles these days and composite material even harder than wood.

Engineered Flooring- Floating Floors Q&A

Carpentry – From framing non-load bearing walls and structures to trim carpentry including installing crown molding and trim to replacing doors, we do minor to some major renovation.

Drywall– Hanging and finishing, new work or repair. i.e.water damage.

Pavers– Whether it is just a walkway, patio, or whole driveway.

Stone– We can set some stone & simulated stone.

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          Most homeowners do not often paint their house or remodel so you can’t always be sure which Daytona house painters in the Port Orange, Daytona Beach FL area are the most competent and professional tradesmen for the job. And there are scores of fly-by-night house painting operations that are concerned only with getting paid instead of nurturing the long term working relationship with you.

I’m Jeffrey, the 48 yr old owner and the master painter of this house painting business. I got my business license (it started out as Jeffrey Whitmer Painting) in 1983 soon after I actually started to learn painting. Not only have I had the experience of learning to paint for 28 years that continues to this day, I have been learning the business end of it too. Learning what makes my customers happy, and how to be the most professional at what I do.

What I am going to here is to convince my potential customers, that I am the best painter for their painting job, that I have been an authority in the house painting business for 30 years now (first year or two maybe not so much an authority). Doing residential & commercial painting just about every working day. I’m hoping to get you to give me the opportunity to show to you that I am the most qualified & most professional tradesman for this project.

Every day I wake up anxious to do the best possible painting & remodeling work that can be done by any qualified painter. Paying attention to details of the job that may never be seen. I know there are other painters out there who care about their work and are good. I like to work with those painters.

Your goal being a homeowner is to weed out scammers and jacklegs and find a contractor who you feel comfortable working with and that you can rely on to perform responsibly & professionally, consistently. Someone who will work for prices that are fair to to both of us.



I am experienced in using the materials needed here in Central Florida, in Volusia County in the weather that your house paint will need to stand up to for so many years. I’ve used Benjamin Moore paint for most of my painting work since my first day of painting.

Of course there are other good products for sale, in my opinion Benjamin Moore is just the best there is. I always do more than is expected of me and customize each paint job to your needs. Everyone wants things done a little bit differently and different jobs require different steps to ensure the best possible results.

I am going to concentrate on preparing your house for paint meticulously before actually starting to paint and I am going to pay attention to the details of the job that may even seldom be seen by anyone! I keep all your painting information with the recorded at my home, and on the internet where it’s accessible to you and only you on my website and at Palm Paints in Ormond Beach. Mike is the owner there and I work closely with the paint store and they are there as a reference for you as well as me. You can log into your account on this website to access your account details.

Whatever information is pertinent to you will be available. If you are looking for a professional house painter that is going to consider you individually and the needs for your home uniquely, you will find these skills in DPS Dynamic Painting Systems more so than most of the other painters and painting companies that are out there. I know there are other painters that are qualified, but few of them care about the long term working relationship with their customers the way I do.

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DPS Dynamic Painting Systems has been in the Daytona Beach FL & Port Orange FL house painting business for 33 years. You can see that I started Jeffrey Whitmer Painting in 1983 on the web. Running this business is what I do.

I have skilled mechanics as well as myself whose experience includes other remodeling services in addition to custom house painting in many of the most exclusive communities in Central Florida as well as working around the country. We continually school ourselves in the most recent house painting applications because keeping up to date is what we do. Most of the expert tradesmen I employ have been doing tile & flooring, drywall hanging, installation, repair & finishing as long as I have.

  • “I think the more information you have, the better you will understand the remodeling services, which ultimately makes the experience more rewarding and less stressful. We take great measures to minimize noise, dust, dirt and inconvenience to our customers, and yours. We are committed to finishing painting projects on time and on budget.”
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Remodeling Services

In adding to traditional house painting services for high end estate work or economical repaints, DPS Dynamic Painting Systems LLC. is proud to offer a long list of other remodeling services including Ceramic Tile , Acid Staining Decks and Driveways. We apply Radiant Barriers To your home for energy conservation to lower electric bills. We do Wood, Stucco, and Drywall Repair. We can sell you an Exterior House Painting System guaranteed for the life of your home by me and Benjamin Moore Co.

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Interior and Exterior House Painting Guide – Learn about every aspect of house painting with this online house painting guide. Including how to choose paint colors, interior or exterior surface preparation and many application techniques for your current project.

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The Do-It-Yourself Movement

How big is today’s do-it-yourself (DIY) trend? Well, consider that there are several TV channels devoted to do-it-yourself home improvement, and that other channels often feature a show or two on this topic. In addition, there are many magazines, books, and web sites that cater to the do-it-yourselfer.

What is behind this growing trend? There are several reasons why homeowners choose to tackle projects on their own. Firstly, many tutorials and information sources are available about most types of home improvement projects, which can help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently.

Secondly, if you take on your own home improvement projects, you can save a lot of money. Thirdly, doing your own home improvement projects gives you all the control, and can ensure the project turns out exactly as you want it. Finally, do-it-yourselfers have fun and enjoy a sense of accomplishment when their projects are finished.

While it may seem like a relatively new trend, the do-it-yourself movement actually began after World War II, with the development of latex paint and easily installed wall coverings.

Many households were being formed and construction tradesmen were in relatively short supply. Homeowner how-to magazines appeared and makers of home improvement products began to provide step-by-step instructions. Today, many do-it-yourselfers paint their own homes and many DIY households do a wide variety of home improvement projects and maintenance tasks themselves.

DIY Projects

Savvy homeowners who are also handy don’t need to hire a professional to repair and upgrade their homes. Many projects are easy for the homeowner to accomplish, and take little professional skill. With a little know-how and the right directions, you can give your home a major facelift for pennies on the dollar. In some cases, homeowners may find it cost-effective to hire a contractor for more difficult projects.

DIY projects that fall into the “decorator” category can have a big impact on your home. Making curtains, reupholstering furniture, and using decorative painting techniques are easy for just about anyone to master, and they can give your home interior a needed boost.

Painting your kitchen cabinets, updating fixtures like sinks and faucets, and replacing countertops are also quick, easy, and inexpensive projects that most home owners can tackle. Replacing your lighting fixtures, the knobs on your cabinets, or the doors on your kitchen cabinets are other examples of easy and inexpensive fixes to improve your home interior space.

Do-it-yourself projects can even be fun, as discussed on this practical and interesting Blue Boardwalk website.

For those with more skills and a little more time, bigger projects like replacing flooring, cabinets, and bathroom fixtures can definitely be accomplished with the right instruction and attitude. Today there are literally thousands of resources out there for the do-it-yourselfer, including Internet websites and classes at home improvement stores as well as do-it-yourself books and videos.

One place that do-it-yourselfers love to work is the yard. Instead of calling a landscaper, there are lots of DIY projects that you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal, as well as its enjoyment. Whether you are doing something simple, like planting a new garden or replacing your front door, or doing something more complicated, like building a pergola or erecting a stone wall, it’s certain your DIY project will add value and enjoyment to your home.

On, you will find a broad selection of home improvement resources and products for homeowners and home remodelers. Whether you prefer to do it yourself or hire a contractor, you are sure to locate the information you seek and the plumbing, electrical, and hardware items you need in these printed and web-based resources.

Do-It-Yourself Book

  • Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual
    This best-selling how-to manual from Reader’s Digest has information about tools, materials, and techniques; it covers a broad spectrum of home repair and home improvement projects.Written with both novices and experts in mind, you’ll find out how to install a bathtub, wallpaper a ceiling, hang a door, rewire a lamp, tile a floor, clean a chimney, repair a roof, construct a patio, and more.

Do-It-Yourself Consumer Magazines

  • Do It Yourself Magazine
    This Better Homes & Gardens magazine can inspire you with many new ideas for your home and garden, help you succeed with step-by-step how-to instructions, photos and diagrams, and save your time, money and energy with proven and practical tips.
  • Family Handyman
    This Reader’s Digest publication features home remodeling advice and guidance. Magazine readers can find home repair tips, kitchen remodeling ideas, garage storage suggestions, basement finishing examples, and much more.
  • This Old House
    Published by Time Inc., this monthly magazine discusses a wide range of home improvement topics. While much of the magazine is devoted to project planning and ideas, there is also good coverage of home improvement tools and products as well as home repair and remodeling techniques.

Do-It-Yourself Retailer Magazines

Do-It-Yourself Resources

  • Bathroom Design – Features bathroom planning and remodeling pointers and tips.
  • Deck Ideas – Learn about deck designs, materials, and construction methods.
  • General Contractors – Learn about hiring and working with a contractor or tradesman.
  • Home Improvement Loans – Home remodeling financing resources and information.
  • Kitchen Remodeling – Features kitchen planning, design, and remodeling ideas and tips.
  • Patio Ideas – Learn about patio design and construction, pavers, and patio furniture.
  • Residential Architects – Resources include home plans and home architect directory.
  • Room Additions – Home remodeling products, contractors, and consumer resources.

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