Our Painting Crew

I think its a good idea for homeowners who want to know who is working for them, be able to see a little about them on the website so here you can meet our painting crew..

Bеnеfіtѕ of hіrіng a professional раіntіng сrew

Jeffrey Whitmer Sr. 33 years making this a professional and successful painting company.




Jeffrey Whitmer II – Been painting since he was  about 5 years old and a painter’s helper’s helper. Now can do anything on a custom residential

Painting crew

painting job a seasoned painter can do, and do it better.





Ted Bilski – friend for 33 years and partner in business Ted handles just about everything on the job the painters can’t do. Remodeling, Ted had my painting job before he went to collage and I started my painting career in his place

Daytona Beach FL Painter

Daytona Beach FL Remodeling/ Painting crew

when he went to collage and afterward learned the trades especially high end stone installation. Ted can straighten and level anything. So he’s a natural at wood repair, drywall and trim carpentry.




if someone wants to be a part of DPS Painting they have to be responsible reliable and an upstanding individual in society!