Springtime House Painting

It wont be long before its time for springtime house painting

One of the reasons I started painting when I was a young man was I loved working outside. I loved the sun and heat. As long as there was plenty to drink and a hose around to cool down.

It will be any day we will be up in the 90 degree and above range and it will rain everyday at the same time. I can write that into the contract it is so regular.

IMG 0709 300x225 - Springtime House Painting

Summer Painting

And it is the time of year that homeowners decide to paint! We are constantly busy and behind schedule. and I just have to hope homeowners understand that the springtime house painting weather is out of my control! I have had a few that have become so tired of the delays caused by the weather they would become angry with me.

After 36 years of doing this I am happy to have job security. And when it’s busy theoretically I can choose the projects I want to work on and the ones that challenge me. Having a smaller more dependable crew certainly reduces the stress of being responsible for many employees and their family’s when things don’t go as planned.

Things have certainly changed a lot in that regard over the past 36 years. But I still look forward to this time of year when it’s always fun to be outside and close to the water.

We are still liking the time of year the rain doesn’t come and mess things up every day of the year. Summertime heat and daily thunderstorms are a lot to get used to as a painter so it won’t be long before we are dealing with that again. There are reasons to enjoy house painting for every season of the year.

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