Spring Time Again

Spring Time In Daytona

Well it is springtime here in Daytona now, and traditionally when business is supposed to get busy. Ok looks like it’s going smoothly so far. Scheduling jobs fluidly,

DPS Video

DPS Video

mostly and trying to just do one job at a time means the business side of the trade is simplified. We are lucky to get the best jobs because the of the best work. It is another reason why doing a lot more of the painting myself as I get older to is  a whole lot easier than trying to find many qualified and motivated workers. Many jobs and many employees is a thing of the past for me. Maybe JJ II will want to take the business in another direction when he is making the decisions. Doing what we likes best, just like me.

This year is the first year for about 10 years I have been in charge of how the painting gets done in the field, not just in the office. (home office!). And not have any other employees to disagree with how I do it! Being able to make real time changes in the way things get done saves time and aggravation. Fixing potential mistakes before they happen is very satisfying work at the end of the day. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

The end of the day is when I get to relax share my life with my family. Tell them about the good day painting as well as the bad, going places and having things. My work is what provides the essentials for the people closest to me, and with any luck the things we dream of doing. Makes my 35th yr painting in the springtime feel very satisfying and productive this year. Perhaps portending the rest of the year in 2018.

Thanks for checking us out and caring at all how the painting business feels every morning I get up!