Happy Customers

Keeping happy customers,

It is time to address at some more length service providers and the limits on what you will do for an unreasonable and happy customers. In this day where good business reviews are all important to a majority of consumers whom are looking for professional quality painting contractors, which of course you are looking for if you are on this web page.

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Do you have happy customers?

Everybody who has a web page for their business now knows that potential customers are checking for reviews, among other things more than ever to insure a good experience with any remodeling or house painter they want to hire. And at first it was simple , and straight forward. If you have a happy customer you are likely to get good review posted for you on any number of sites that exist for just the reviews. Sometimes the reviews are acquainted also with other factors to determine beforehand that you are hiring someone worthy of your time and money, for what is often the most important thing that you own. Your home.

And if you the sort of person or professional painter that doesn’t that doesn’t take the extra time to make sure the homeowner is getting what he(she) expects from a quality service provider and responsible business owner, then you are just asking for, or should be expecting a bad review.

But of course when you look at it from both perspectives, the professional and his(her) unhappy or happy customer you can see you aren’t always going to agree on everything and how far as you go to make sure the customer is the boss, or yourself9in the third person) What measures am I willing to take to make sure my customer is happy as the professional painting contractor.

I used to think I was the boss, and made the final decisions about what was best in the case of a disagreement. There is no doubt to me now with what experience I have gained by not only being a painter but working at running my business. And these days having the internet as such a powerful tool to work closely with your customers, and in turn influence other prospective customers. Particularly with reviews, which is on my mind today.

When I went from thinking I was the most important person to look out for, to knowing that the customer is the person for whom it is your job to make happy. To do that you stop looking at it from a first person perspective to the customers perspective! That the customer service is what drives the business get you customers (not just jobs)

But what happens when you encounter someone that’s impossible or unreasonable, when you can tell there’s no way your going have a happy customer Are you going to compromise your view to placate the customer for fear of online reprisal. Specifically in the form of the much sought after business reviews. Reviews you need to get noticed as being at the top of a list of your competitors!

If you are running a successful business it should be reflected collectively in reviews across the net. But what are you to do when faced with a bad review you clearly don’t agree with! No matter what anyone does, I don’t believe your going to get along and/or agree with everyone. I’ve found that going the extra mile takes on new meaning!

I had a customer who used the possibility of leaving a bad review to ‘extort’ extra work from me, for free. Most review sites give the contractor a place to respond and your response will be more important than the critique. This is when you should see just how someone is going to handle themselves when a problem arises. I respond to each and every review, the bad and the good. I don’t try to be too critical of a customer when this happens but I do take the time to write about my perspective.