Summertime Painting Procedures

 Summertime Painting Procedures and Precaution in Summertime

Most homeowners and customers know that there summertime painting procedures when things that can go wrong in the summer that you don’t have to worry about other seasons of the year.

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Summertime Painting Procedures

First I would like t say that whenever you mention summertime painting I will tell you that summertime painting procedures is one of the biggest reasons I started a painting business. I started right out of high school and after the first summer I decided I like those working conditions.

But when its close to a 100% in the shade you need to know if you can or can not use the same application procedures. You need to know how to work within the parameters of the specifications of application procedures and conditions for the product you are using. Direct sunlight and high temperatures are not the only considerations as you already know if you live on the peninsula of Florida. Because whether you are in Miami or The Panhandle you have to deal with rain also as one of the trickiest conditions to work around and still do the quality work always required on any project.

The rain becomes by far the most difficult part to foresee and plan for. Fortunately in the days of technology the ability to pinpoint the rain. The tech, the application to monitor the weather is as. Also where its been, and most important where it is headed. You can usually tell right down to the street your on. As any painter in the summer knows it can be pouring rain at you neighbors house and you are still able to get a sun tan the skies are so clear. And the colors clear.

After almost 35 years of guessing, from when you had to look for the clouds and figure out exactly the way they’re headed. Or you wouldn’t be painting any days. And like I know I love this, Painting in summertime is the best of conditions for me. I usually pick the side of the house I can get as much sun as possible. With certain products and applications this isn’t possible. But by keeping it in the shade if that is a problem and not painting anything that can not be fixed if it rains!

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