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Pros or cons of lead generation companies

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For awhile I think I have seen the trend that the lead generation ads (companies) are ranking in searches for painters, among other services, on the top now over the websites that actual painters cultivate daily and weekly. painters so it may seem at first to let another company this third party suggest painters on what is in their best interests. And that means money. Because obviously these companies are supposed to exist by making your life, your choice of painters to .Well first of all this could be a good idea. If the company wants the same thing from their painters as you do. But if you are looking for a painter based on him doing the way you want them done Is still a dice roll. This is because the lead generation companies want to make money. And you expect a good painter.

Lead generation companies are a good idea for consumers in theory. If money was will tell you they have ‘screened’ their painters ahead of time to weed out any bad ones. In fact the only thing required to be accepted by any of these companies is that money. Usually that money comes from painting contractors looking for leads. And they can be as much as 50.00 per lead in my experience. Okay so we have companies selling as many leads to as many painters as possible to maximize their bottom line. That’s only natural. But in fact in my opinion the consumers are the ones paying the price. If you think about it the painting contractor can’t afford to take 50.00 out of the money he makes on the job because most of them are already bidding to be competitive to start. Especially when a painter pays 50.00 per lead for an average of 1 out of 4 jobs he gets. This means he’s paying 200.00 before he ever gets the job. Who do think has to pay for that? That cost is going to be passed down to the consumers and you are paying this just to trust that the painters recommended are really professional.

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Like I said usually the only thing required to receive these leads is money. No other checks for professionalism of any sort. Or a minimum of checking into the history these contactors have had with their customers. To find out which ones are really best for the individual customer and not the bottom line of an internet company in the business of selling leads to make money. Not to insure a good paint job. So.. to sum up my point isn’t it a lot better for a concerned homeowner to scroll down the page to the local painting companies themselves to check them out for yourself to see if they really are a good fit for you and your project.