To Spray Or Not To Spray

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To spray or not to spray, some homes should be sprayed.

Others not so much. Or I I might spray and backroll.
Two reasons not to spray it:
It “lays” the paint on the surface and doesn’t get pushed into the hairline and other cracks .
Other reason is overspray. For inexperienced or reckless painters it can be very messy IF the right precautions are not taken!

When it helps to spray or not to spray when it is needed. Say for soffits & gutters often. I use it for siding and stucco when I can backbrush or backroll it. Especially with wood because it has special needs to work the paint into the wood! Which mean sometimes I apply the paint with the sprayer and then use the roller just as we would roll it ordinarily. Same when we backbrush places into which the roller doesn’t fit.
So contrary to some opinions a roller can be used efficiently and effectively if you are correctly using it, which also includes dropping and masking so that NO paint gets sprayed or rolled or dripped anywhere it should not be be. If there is already paint in areas that shouldn’t have any mess it will be easy to tell because of the color change on your house. We make sure our work is perfect as a rule.

Your house probably won’t cover well because of how bad it has failed plus the color change you are making. So although second coat is highly recommended, if you were to have to shave some off the price right now, as long as it is prepped well you can put another coat on down the road without sacrificing any long term quality. If we were to try to cut a corner there I would subtract about 750.00 because most of the labor is in preparing it for paint. And of course the first coat should be the most comprehensive coat. Second and third when needed are less so. Successive coats become easier as you move along.

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To sum up I use a combination of the two methods of applying the paint based optimal time it takes, and quality of the job and after that being said I do what the customer tells me to do in most cases because they are the ones who need to be happy & proud of our work!!