After Christmas House Painting

After Christmas House Painting

I’ve found that for a big part of my life as a painter locally that this is the time of year that things are slow. From Christmas to the spring when it warms up I am often times having to really look for work. After Christmas house painting there’s not enough of it to go around. Things are slow I think much of the time because the weather is bad, Many

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Exterior Painters In Ponce Inlet

people have spent a little too much money on Christmas. In some parts of the country (Not Painting In Central Florida) the weather demands that no exterior painting would ever work. So when I was sitting here wondering what to write I thought I should take the opportunity to tell the world, or at least the part on the internet that I’m happy to report a busy winter. So far, since I’m looking for a new job just about every week. I can’t say for more than the next two weeks or so that we are busy. Even outside other than a week or two of days like today I shouldn’t be working outside after Christmas house painting.

Temperatures less than freezing

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Holtz Cabinet Preparation

With the newer formulas of paint manufacture specifications they can be used at temperatures near freezing. I don’t know of any paint that will work properly in temperatures less than freezing but if anyone knows of one of these painting products I would like to hear about it. Mow even if paint works in temperatures say 35 degrees or more then I am still dealing with being very uncomfortable applying it. Especially close to the beach with a good win to lower the wind chill factor. So with new materials working at lower temperatures I can paint outside nearly year round. And it looks like there will be no slowdown this year. We are keeping 2-3 groups of 2-3 guys working almost seven days a week. I’ll post a couple of pictures of things we are doing. So I think you’ll see along with a strong interior presence we are still doing something outside almost every day.