How is success defined in this business?

I spend a lot of time questioning my success & my business.

What kind of answers have I come up with? I think it is not only fair but beneficial to share these questions and answers with prospective customers so that they can make a more informed decision on who they want to trust their most treasured possessions, their homes, with success.

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Certification Logo-BenjaminMoore is confirmation of success.

A successful business owner is one who runs a business that provides both the managers, employees and customers with what they want and expect. The cost-benefit ratio is what needs to be examined in order to be a successful manager. A happy employee. And happy customers. And what kind of responsibility do I have to my customers to be able to call myself successful?

personals suit coat - How is success defined in this business?Wells it occurs to me success is very subjectively defined. And no two people will have the same definition. So for our professional painting contractors and our customers whom are doing painting we will try to define and describe what we strive for to be successful at doing a good job and a “right” job! While it might be as easy for any painter to say the job is finished and he’s been paid without much dissatisfaction one might say that they were successful. But I am going to go a little further and try to base my definition of success based on the customers idea. This can complicate things because with many different customers there are different versions of success as well. So by try to take an overview of the custom upscale professional residential painting contractors take on it I am going to say I feel successful is when the original project is finished. And we have established not only that the work has been performed as described. applied using the correct preparation procedures that will insure a long lasting and durable paint job and most importantly have established a connection with our customers that will lend to a long term working relationship in which we remain available to touch up work that might need touching up from time to time to taking  repeat and referral work because we are the best possible team for the job in the eyes of our customers.

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