Painting Over The Holidays

Painting over the holidays

I got myself and my guys ready for the winter season slowdown. But so far I have been surprised about the amount of work we have been doing painting over the holidays . And estimating and selling work for most of January. Turns out this is a pretty good time of year to paint based strictly on the weather. Usually there are some days it’s not too comfortable working in what most people here call the cold!
2013 03 22 09.45.23 300x225 - Painting Over The HolidaysI’ve worked in some places that are really cold, which is why I can appreciate a few days near freezing every year. The architectural paint I usually use does stay right on the label is good to work with down to 35 degrees. The hardest part is your comfort level and the weather usually doesn’t mandate if you can paint. I do come down in my prices 5-10% usually to insure work in what can be the slow season for many painters.

So the painting world is good for me for what looks like at least the next 4-5 weeks. And if you are a homeowner deciding whether or not to paint the slightly lower prices might help you decide.