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One of the things I love most about being a member of PCA membership is continuing education. There are many different topics, especially the new ones, all the time for me to learn, or re-learn about a bunch of diverse topics. Just about anything you’re interested in.

You can find me on this site, and others like it every week to continue my education and to help lend credibility and relevance to a category of service providers often overlooked as professional by people who consider having painted a room or rooms reason to believe they are expert house painters.

There are many resources available to members. Literature and learning forums and help to achieve the results that people expect for their money. Belonging to an organization whose sole purpose is to help me run my business is particularly beneficial to get the results, troubleshoot problems and guarantee my work for many years to come.

There are industry standards that can be referenced by anyone interested in living up to the status that membership in PCA provides. Paperwork I use all the time in estimating and documenting my work and the highly skilled work of other house painter members.