The Right Painting Product?

Are you using the right painting product

When you are painting, whether you are a “weekend warrior”, do-it-yourselfer, or a professional house painter you can only do as good of a paint job as possible as the materials you select for using. Of course the most important of which is your paint!

I’d like to predicate my opinion on this by saying that most times this is an arbitrary idea!

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Good paint can mean many different things for many different  people. You have to be sure that you are comparing oranges  to oranges. You wouldn’t paint your house with 300.00gal marine paint. it simply isn’t best for that application. And of cours  the decision as to what is best for your needs is ultimately left to the customer. Of course science and experience tells us that certain paint is best for different surfaces in different climates. What I am concerned with in my line of work is 100% Acrylic Resin Waterbased paint. Inside or outside, this resin works best for most surfaces of your home. Especially on the outside of the house where it gets all the weather!

I’ve been using Benjamin Moore paint, and a line called MoorGlo, Moorgard ^MoorHouse which are Semi-gloss, satin & flat in that order. These are paints that when used outside will hold up as well as be cost efficient unless you like very high maintenance products or industrial finbnishes. Specifically these paints are in a line of paint that Benjamin Moore Collectively call their ‘Select” finishes.They do make a product called Aura that is touted to be the right product, along with its new tinting system by many to be the best. For my part, I have been using the top of the line Moorgard and the such since day 1, and I know how they have help up for more than 30 years of watching so I feel very comfortable with that product for many uses. And as we said depending on what your painting you will use different “best paints” Always ask someone whose opinion you trust when comparing paints to use if you don’t do it all the time. The great part is that with todays technology and information they are making new best paint all the time.

And when I say I stick to Benjamin Moore most of the time its because it produces consistent results. As do other’s lines of paint. So as not to give the wrong idea. But since I was using this paint from the very start that I am quite accustomed to exactly hot it reacts with the surfaces and weather to hold up for a long time, in fact the Moorgard Select brand of paint and it semi gloss and flat family will be guaranteed on many house for a lifetime. While I haven’t actually lived a lifetime yet I cannot attest to that for sure! But for 32 years so far other brands of paint may be as good, but none are better overall than Benjamin Moore line of paints. A good way to tell how good the paint you are buying is comparable in price. Again, oranges for oranges.

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