Autumn Exterior Painting

Autumn Exterior Painting

Over the next several months it will change into our colder season autumn exterior painting

.  And so some house painting contractors are also looking to a slowdown that time of year.  I hope that is a sign that we are doing the good work, staying busy.
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The weather sure does ease up on us until next spring/ summer. I will look forward to the cooler weather when it arrives. Daily rainstorms subsiding. Easier to work, but also miss the sun of summertime too. Stay busy.

Personally I like to do my house painting in Central Florida in summertime, when its very hot. This is one of the first reasons I got into the painting business to start with. As long as I have cold drinks, soda is my favorite to quench the thirst created by the extreme heat but water is best for me and I usually can settle on juice to keep hydrated. I have to have a water hose to stay wet and cool. At the end of the day everything on my person is soaked. Everything in my pockets so I have to be careful of things in my wallet, anything that could be ruined but does the combination of the heat and cold water are great. Living next to the ocean makes for a great way to take lunch daily. love jumping into the cool ocean and laying out in the sun for a few minutes on my breaktime.

So when the summertime arrives and we have to put up with some of the bad things like extreme heat and daily thunderstorms I think of the things I like about  the stuff I love about it like not having to wear a shirt.

Jeffrey Whitmer  – DPS Dynamic Painting Systems

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