Summers here. “Pack it Up” Painters Are Done For The Day

Summers here in Daytona Beach Florida can be very trying for professional painters doing exterior work.


HSDE6113 scaled - Summers here. "Pack it Up" Painters Are Done For The Day

Summers here and exterior painting

Summers here and  “Pack it up” is a daily saying that usually means a short day! Unfortunately these ‘short days’ are NOT relaxing or productive. Usually. For me it becomes a time that I have to deal with unhappy customers daily because of something that I can’t control. The rain. Unavoidable daily storms in the summer that can make painting exteriors of homes take what seems like a whole season. Seems like all summer you can be on one job or more than that each for weeks at a time. Even when you can get a coat of paint on in the morning, the right storm an cause you to be repainting the next day

And it’s tough for customers, whose fault it isn’t either, to understand that their painters just cant work around these rainy days to keep the schedule they said they would at the outset of the job! Then when even something else, even what is usually a small problem a big one awry, like running out of paint on a Sunday that you are working to try and keep up! It’s almost as though you just aren’t working hard enough to your customers. After so long, saying “the rain made us quit” isn’t easily an understandable phenomenon.

But we can’t save all our exterior painting for just a few months out of the year! So we contractors continue to have to deal with unhappy customers because of an Act Of God. And that is just about what is going to be asked of you is to do a miracle to get done, finally. And move on to the next home and do it again another day.