DPS Dynamic Painting Systems Has Come A Long Way

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We here at DPS Dynamic Painting Systems are doing everything we can to make this company more professional all the time. Being experienced, educated & reliable are but a few of the characteristics that make up the whole, the “system” that is constantly changing to keep up with and surpass ALL the other painting companies that are providing professional painting services to homeowners.

Just recently I have officially become a member of The Professional Contractors & Decorators Association. An association of painters that has helped define the industry standards since its inception. Among benefits derived from this resource is not just a well known nationally recognized program that identifies the best in the business, but continues to improve these painters, these companies with help from , for one, a Contractor College. They make courses available to contractors. classes to help you become as book schooled on painting subjects as you are schooled by on the job experience. It’s not always enough to know that something is an important step, but also why it is. There are a lot of “aha” moments when you connect these different ways of learning similar things. Resources, that is what helps make me smart about what I do.

Online opportunity is accelerating exponentially these days. Getting the word out about what you know, and the services you can provide to the people looking for these services is always improving with the help of Google, and other search engines dedicated to providing the most relevant results in rankings of businesses for searches by potential customers looking for exactly what you offer. I have gone from painting just about anything for work, to stay busy, or because I had to, to being able to specifically target upscale painting customers looking for the MOST professional jobs.

Other affiliations are in the works, and I will be elaborating on them when they become official. Affiliations that I think are going to cement our expertise & exposure to the public. It will become increasingly easier to be matched to people looking for what we offer

More to come…