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Choose Indoor Paint Colors With Painters Help

 Painting or repainting the interior of your home is an inexpensive way of sprucing up your dwelling place.  Picking the best colour combinations the first time requires adequate research – if you cannot afford or don’t want to spend a fortune consulting an interior designer for colour advice.  Avoid guesswork and learn how to choose the best indoor paint colours for your home through these easy-to-follow pointers.


Take a crash course in colour wheel theory

 For those who are not artistically inclined, combining colours harmoniously would be a challenge – certainly worth embarking on. If you think artists mix colours based on instinct or without much conscious thought, you are mistaken. They may not be able to recite the colour principles, but they surely know how various hues influence each other and those who look at them. Study the colours opposite each other on the wheel (ie. complementary colours) and sample their effects until you find the combination that works for your taste and style.

 Necessity is the mother of all invention and perhaps, renovation

 Colour is light-dependent. When the room gets little natural light, you might need to paint it with bright hues. For instance, choose cream, sunflower yellow, or lime green for your kitchen walls if you want a vibrant and sunburst ambience in the sweetest spot of your home. The brightness of the paint colour will compensate for the lack of natural light in the room.

 Beware of stereotypes about colour effects

 It is commonly believed that painting your newborn’s nursery room yellow will cause the infant to feel anxious and distressed so he will cry a lot. While lemon-bright yellow can be an eye offender for babies, softer shades have relaxing, in fact, calming effects. Do not accept any colour psychology tidbits as truth unless they can show any solid proof or until you have sampled the colours yourself.


Learn to assess the value and intensity of colours

 Value refers to lightness or darkness of a particular colour. For example, army green has a dark value of green. Meanwhile, intensity is the force of the colour – strong yellow and red colours are eyesores. But if these are used to give accents or touches on indoor painting, they could enhance the look of your abode. If your living room has soft butter cream walls, spice them up by splashing some red.

 Make your rooms appear more spacious with the right colours

 If you have heard of optical illusion, apply it in making the rooms in your home appear more spacious than they actually are. Observe your friend’s living room. Are the walls and floors coloured cream and icy blues? Then learn from your pal and transform your tiny living room into a bigger space by choosing these shades.

 Let your personality and character guide you in deciding the best colour for each room

 Think how you want to feel as you enter your house. Would you like your family, friends, and guests to feel calm, excited or energized whenever they look at your walls, and visit each room? Ask yourself what impression you want to make with each corner of your home and find the colour that conveys that message.







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