Radar Absorbing Paint

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUzhI3bFui7Fd6bBC0CFH3lCNGWZiXsisrBzxaXiS6GlyT0CCX1A - Radar Absorbing PaintThe Korea Maritime & Ocean University’s Stealth Technology  Center has developed a radar-absorbing paint that may provide camouflage for surface naval vessels, military aircraft and combat vehicles. The new stealth paint was unveiled by University laboratory during Navy Week held in Busan. Addressing the South Korean military interests, VP and director of the Stealth Technology Center, stated the radar-absorbing material can be sprayed on the surface of the protected platform, providing a lighter, more durable and cheaper application, compared to contemporary tile or metal sheet-type electromagnetic wave absorbers. “This paint greatly decreases warships’ visibility on radars to help raise their survivability from missile attacks,” Yong-hwan said, showing an iron sheet coated with the paint that absorbs up to 99 percent of radar waves.