Daytona Beach Painting Contractor Going Green

Daytona Beach Painting Contractor Going Green

Green painting trends are rising.

Everybody’s going green. I’ve heard about hybrid cars, green roofing, solar energy, and green building certifications. At stores we find many green products from house cleaning to cosmetics and organic foods. But do we take advantage of all this?

How many times have you have been close to or involved in a painting project, especially in your own home, where the painter has asked you if you were concerned about your health or your family’s? Did they offer you the choice of selecting green and eco-friendly paints? Probably not!

Logo Sherwin Williams 300x300 - Daytona Beach Painting Contractor Going GreenYour green choice is here There are plenty eco-friendly paints from manufactures that are available. We take advantage of the innovations in environmentally friendly painting supplies, and offer them to you, our client!

Using Enviromentally Friendly Products