Responsibilities & Ethics as Painting Contractors

Painting Contractor Ethics

In any profession, there are many issues to be faced. This is especially true in the case of responsibilities & ethics as a contractor, both legally and personally. Each state has its own contractor agency, which specifically spells out the legal ramifications of such a profession.


Laws state that a person in this profession must not only follow all applicable laws, standards, and regulations, but perform their work in good faith, as well. They must be properly licensed and have the required liability and workers compensation insurance.

Contractors are also responsible for the conduct and abilities of any employees or sub-contractors under their supervision and must secure all permits, authorizations, or licenses required. They are obligated to keep confidential restricted information, plans, drawings, documents, and data.

The ethical standards of contractors refers to personal actions and involves their moral judgment, which can cover a wide ground. Many things can be done that are ‘under the table’ and illegal, always with a risk of being caught. This would be things like bribing officials, adding on hours not worked, adding on extra cost of materials, hiring underage workers and so forth.

On a personal basis, how contractors treat a client, on something such as a residence, also involves ethics. It is very simple to take advantage of a homeowner who is unfamiliar with contacting people to do remodeling and other such work.

An honest person will quote reasonable prices and not use inferior materials. They will not only guarantee their work but also be proud of the finished product.

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The responsibilities & ethics of a contractor depend on the character of the person involved. Fortunately, the majority of people in this business are well aware of their responsibilities and are reliable as well as honest. Those who are not will soon find themselves out of the contracting business.