Being a master painter has always been important to me. Painting houses has always made a good fit for me and now for my son. I try to keep stress low and maintain long term working relationships with most of my customers. I want you & your friends to call me when they need painters and that takes quality long lasting customer service & workmanship. Also I have programs in place for maintenance of my work. I immediately ask and answer questions about WHY we do what we do. Also making mistakes was the best teacher. Usually the hard way means you aren’t going to make that mistake again.! 

Certification Logo-BenjaminMoore

Certification Logo-BenjaminMoore

I constantly search out and learn about the latest innovations & trends online. Other than organic search answers for very specific issues there are more structured learning courses through MOOC’s & youtube. Being connected to a vast amount of information electronically and being connected to my customers with the latest tech in phones and apps is an invaluable way to provide good – professional & responsible customer service including communication & record keeping.

When looking for painters in the Daytona Beach and Port Orange FL area, I suggest you type “DPS Dynamic Painting Systems” into Google search… as well as any additional house painting businesses and/or search engines.

This will give you much information and a better idea of our presence and work here in Daytona Beach hose painter. It will show my history and my dedication to the business for 32 years painting. I can find references to my business on Google, usually for around 40 pages into search rankings!

       If you are looking for the  professional Port Orange house painter  I can prove to you that I can earn your trust in doing improvements to your your home. I have been doing it for 32 years now, and I have become one of the best choices you can make for house painting & remodeling. I would be happy to show you how. Call 386-214-5329, or email me at for an introduction. Or  you can take a look at my website, to get an idea of what I do.
      Thank you in advance for your consideration.

I started painting here in the Daytona area when I graduated in Port Orange in 1983. Got a summertime job painting and before long I had decided that having a house painting business is what I wanted to do. If I manage things correctly and do my job well I have a business and a trade in which the stress levels can be kept to a minimum for my homeowners and for me. I have the satisfaction of being able to see a job well done immediately, and be able to be proud of the skill I have spent my adult life learning!

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 Please check out our new site to video conference about anything to do with a need for a painting contractor free of charge for anyone to use! Lessons require use of video conferencing.

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