Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance

Here are some certificates of insurance that DPS Painting has.

Licensing and paperwork. Certificates of insurance are the marks of a professional painter. Insurance for injury and liability certificate for damage are major concerns when working around people and customers most prized possessions. If anyone has tried to run a professional and legal business with employees it can seem as though there is no end to all the paperwork. And payments you are making each month to stay that way. Licensing from the city and county are necessary for my trade. No state license is required for what we do but major insurance coverage is of great importance

If anyone makes a mistake and gets hurt or damages something you’ll be happy you made sure your workers were covered. I don’t make many mistakes but its hard to think of anyone who hasn’t made any. I have learned some of my best lessons from making mistakes. And it HASN’T put me out of business!

So if you are thinking about hiring a professional painter you will want to consider that there are many unseen expenses to being professional. And the price is going to reflect this. Being the cheapest painter is definitely not the same as being the best painter.

When considering painters it may be wise given that this paperwork is expensive and is easy to overlook many painting contractors and other service providers would like to get away without having them. Their insurance agent shoud be able to email or provide an up-to-date certificate of insurance made out to the homeowner or customers within days if not minutes and are easy to verify. Don’t take chances with liability issues!

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Certificate of insurance are mandatory

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